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Dear Friend,

You’re Here Because You’re Tired of Grinding Day in and Day Out, Only to Make Ends Meet.

You’ve Likely Chased After Countless ‘Get Rich Quick’ Schemes, Only to Be Left With Empty Promises.

Just Like You, I Was Frustrated and Tired Until I Discovered a Potent, Foolproof Online Money-Making System That Doesn’t Require Long, Gruelling Hours or Astronomical Start-Up Costs.

The So-Called ‘Internet Gurus’ Are Reluctant to Share This Secret. They’re Afraid That If This System Becomes Public Knowledge, They’ll Lose Their Unfair Advantage. But It’s Time for That to Change.

Imagine Breaking Free From Financial Worries and Stress. It’s Time for You to Seize Control of Your Financial Future, Leveraging the Very System Used by the Internet’s Top Earners.

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Ja’afar M. Balarabe AKA Ja’afars Hustle!

Now, Mute All Distractions Aside. I’m About to Reveal a Game-Changing Information That Has the Potential to Fuel Your Bank Account With Consistent Cash Flow Like Never Before…

By the End of This Page, You Should Have a Clear Idea of How to Get Started, What is Required to Make This System Work for You – Join the Ranks of the Internet’s Top Earners..

But Before I Proceed, Let Me Tell You a Little Story…

As I Relentlessly Searched for a Means to Break Free From the Chains of Financial Hardship, I Stumbled Upon an Extraordinary Revelation – A Groundbreaking AI Technology.

This Was No Ordinary Tool; It Was a Potent Mechanism Designed to Revolutionize the World of Content Creation.

 With Its Help, Anyone, Irrespective of Their Writing Prowess, Could Produce Compelling, High-Quality Content With a Speed That Was Previously Unheard Of.

This AI Was More Than Just a Utility to Make Writing Easier; It Was a Catalyst to Unlock an Ocean of Profitable Possibilities.

 It Tore Down the Barriers Between the Realm of Experienced Writers and Those New to the Game, Enabling Anyone to Craft Top-Tier Content With Incredible Speed.

But This Wasn’t the End. It Was the Beginning of an Incredible Journey, a Journey That Saw the Birth of a Powerful System That Transformed My Financial Outlook.

 My Monthly Earnings Skyrocketed From a Mere Trickle to a Steady Stream of $2,000 to $3,000. Within Two Years, This System Had Put Over $30,000 USD in My Pocket.

This Financial Metamorphosis Was Neither Magic Nor a Lucky Windfall. It Was a Testament to the Power of a Groundbreaking AI Tool and the Value of a Meticulously Crafted, Reliable System for Online Wealth Generation.

Now, You Might Think, This System Was Only for the Likes of Me or a Select Group of Insiders.

 But That Couldn’t Be Further From the Truth. This is a Golden Opportunity for Anyone Hungry Enough to Seize it. 

Are You Ready to Embark on a Journey Towards Unprecedented Financial Success and Freedom?

If Your Answer is a Resounding “Yes,” Then Prepare Yourself. The First Step to Your Transformation is Right Around the Corner.

Brace Yourself for a Revelation That Will Redefine the Game..

A Revelation That Could Potentially Be Your Biggest Financial Breakthrough.

Introducing the…


Your Fail-Proof Blueprint to Making $500 – $1,000 Monthly Online Using the Power of Artificial Intelligence – ChatGPT and Jasper AI.

This Is Not Just a Course – It’s Your Golden Ticket to Writing Better, Smarter, and Faster Content Than You Ever Thought Possible, Thereby Paving the Way for a Steady and Robust Online Income.

Imagine Being Able to Tap Into the Power of AI, Creating Engaging, High-Quality Content Even If You’ve Never Written Professionally Before. 

With This System, Making Over $1,000 Every Single Month Is Not Just a Dream, But a Reality Within Your Grasp.

Who's This Course For?

This Course Is For You If:


  • You’re A Complete Beginner And Have Zero Writing Experience!


  • You Want A Lucrative Skill That You Can Learn To Make Money Online And Work From Home!


  • You Are A Freelance Writer, Copywriter, Blogger Or Content Creator Who Wants To Write Faster And Better Content!


  • You Are An Author Or Amazon Seller Who Wants To Write Better Books Faster!


  • You Are A Student Or Professional Who Wants To Write Better Essays, Papers Or Speeches!


  • You Want To Be More Productive And Get More Done In Less Time!


  • You’re Looking For A Simple, Step-By-Step System That Will Teach You How To Use Ai To Write Better And Faster Content Than The Average Person


  • You’re Ready To Follow A Proven System That Has Already Helped Thousands Of Nigerians Become Millionaires!


If You Fit Into Any Of The Categories Above, Then This Course Is For You!

Who's This Course Not For?

This Course Is Not For You If:


  • You’re NOT WILLING To Put In The Work Required To See Results


  • You’re NOT READY To Follow A Simple, Step-By-Step System


  • You’re NOT COACHABLE And Willing To TAKE ACTION On What You LEARN


  • You’re Looking For A “GET RICH QUICK” Scheme That Doesn’t Require ANY WORK!

If You’re NOT READY To Put In The Work Or Follow A PROVEN SYSTEM, Then This Course Is Not For You.

Why Should YOU Even Listen To Me?

Here’s Why:

  • I Am A Freelance Writer, Copywriter, KDP Author And Content Creator Who Has Been Writing Online For Over 5 Years.


  • I Have Used The System In This Course To Make Multiple Thousands Of Dollars And Millions Of Naira Online Working From Home!


  • I Have Helped Thousands of Nigerians To Make Money Online As Freelance Writers.



How Is This Course Different From Other Writing Courses?

Here’s How:

🏆Most Writing Courses Only Teach You How To Write BETTER Content. But This Course Goes Way Beyond That…

..This Course Is Designed To Help You Make Money From Your Writing By Teaching You How To Find High-Paying Writing Gigs, How To Land These Gigs And How To Deliver Quality Work That Will Make Your Clients Happy!

🏆This Course Is Also Different Because It Uses CUTTING-EDGE TECHNOLOGY To Help You Write Better And Faster Content. You’ll Learn How To Use Ai To Write Better Content And Even Make Full-Time Income From It!

🏆Lastly, This Course Is Different Because It’s Taught By Someone Who Is Actually Making Money Online As A Writer. I’m Not Some “Guru” Who Is Just Trying To Sell You A Dream. I’m A Real Person Who Is Actually Doing What I’m Teaching And I Can Help You To Do The Same!



What Are The Requirements to Get Started?

Here’s What You’ll Need:

  • A Computer Or Laptop With Internet Access

  • A Willingness To Learn And Take Action On What You Learn

That’s It! 

If You Have These Two (2) Requirements, Then You Have Everything You Need To Get Started!

What Am I Going To Get From This Course?

You will Get Over 100+ Lectures of Intensive Step By Step Video Training..

By The End Of This Course, You Will Be Able To Use Jarvis Ai To Write Faster, Better Content And Boost Your Income By 10X!

Here's A "SNEAK PEAK" of What You'll Discover In This GAME-CHANGING Course


👑Module 1: Introduction To Ai-Assisted Writing

  • Why Ai Assisted Writing
  • Different Kinds of Ai Writing Tools
  • Why Jarvis Ai?

👑Module 2: Overview Of Jarvis Ai

  • Understanding Different Jarvis Writing Templates

👑Module 3: The Boss Mode

  • Introduction To Jarvis Boss Mode
  • Different Jarvis Boss Mode Commands To Write Better And Faster

👑Module 4: Writing With Jarvis – Learn Article Writing Even If You’re Not A Writer

  • Structure of An Article
  • How To Write Fully SEO Optimized Article With Jarvis 
  • SurferSEO + Jarvis 

👑Module  5:

Become A Best-Seller – Learn Non-Fiction Ebook Writing Even If You’re Not An Author!

  • Structure Of An Ebook
  • How To Write An Ebook With Jarvis A.I

👑Module 6: How To Write Delicious Cookbook With Jarvis

  • Structure of A Cookbook
  • How To Write Cookbook Recipes With Jarvis
  • How To Add Royalty-Free Images To Your Cookbook

👑Module 7: Content Writing (Website Content)

  • What’s A Website Content
  • Components Of Website Content
  • How To Write Website Content With Jarvis

👑Module 8: Monetizing Your Skills On Fiverr

Phase 1: Setting Up Your Account

  • How To Setup A Professional Foreign Fiverr Account From Scratch (Most Updated Way)
  • How To Write Highly Converting Fiverr “Profile Description” That Attracts Prospective Clients In Seconds With Jarvis
  • My Secret Strategy To Writing Mindblowing, Persuasive Fiverr “Gig Description” That Forces Your Client To Hire You Almost Instantly With Jarvis
  • How To Optimize Your Fiverr Gig Images For Maximum Engagement And Click-Through-Rate 

Phase 2: 4 Hot In Demand Writing Gigs That Can Instantly Set Your Bank Account On Cash Fire Like A Blazing Volcano!

You Will Learn:

  • 4 Secrets To Creating A Best-Selling Fiverr Gig That Sells Itself 24/7 Like Crazy 
  • How To Setup Highly Converting Article Gig
  • How To Setup Highly Converting Ebook Writing Gig
  • How To Setup Highly Converting Cookbook Gig
  • How To Setup Highly Converting Content Writing Gig
  • How To Rank Your Fiverr Account (Updated Tricks)
  • How To Design High “CTR Fiverr Thumbnail” With Canva
  • How To Create Stunning Video For Your Gig (Boost SALES By 40%)

Phase 3: Pro Fiverr Tips To Boost Your Sales

  • 5 Deadly Mistakes That Can End Your  Fiverr Career Like A Bad Dream And How To Avoid Them At All Cost!
  • The 3 Types of Buyers You Must Avoid At All Cost!
  • How To Run Multiple Fiverr Accounts Like A Boss
  • How To Keep Your Account Safe And Secure From Fiverr Bans
  • The Fastest Way To Get Your First Order On Fiverr On New Account
  • Understanding Fiverr Deranking And How To Avoid That
  • How To Deliver An Order That Will Turn Your Client Into A Raving Fanatic And Make Them Come Back For More..


Module 1: Introduction To ChatGPT 
Module 2: Signing Up an Account
Module 3: Understanding the Basics of Prompt Engineering
Module 4: How To Create Perfect Prompts To Produce Awesome Results (Live Examples)
Module 5: How to Write Fully SEO-Optimized Article with ChatGPT
Module 6: How to Write an Ebook with ChatGPT – Nonfiction
Module 7: How To Write Website Content with ChatGPT
Module 8: How to Write Cookbooks with ChatGPT
Module 9: Powerful Extension to Supercharge Your Workflow with ChatGPT
Module 10: A Library of Premium Crafted Prompts to Plug and Play..
And Many More!

Why YOU Need To Take This Course RIGHT NOW?

Here’s Why:

  • Writing Is A Skill That You Can Learn To Make Money Online And WORK FROM HOME!


  • The Demand For QUALITY WRITERS Is At An All Time High And There Are More Writing Opportunities Available Now Than Ever Before!


  • This Is Your Chance To Get In On The Action And Start Making Money As A Writer!


  • You will Continue to Print Money Daily Irrespective of the Economic Situation in Nigeria..
So, If You're Interested In This "RARE OPPORTUNITY", Here's The "CRAZY OFFER" I Have For You.

Now, If I’m To Charge You The Full Price For This Course, It Will Cost You Over N500,000+

And Still Worth Every Penny!

But I’m Not Going To Charge You Anything Even Close To That!

In Fact, I’m Not Even Going To Charge You HALF OF THAT!

I Want To Make This As Affordable As Possible For You..

Not Because The Course Is Not Worth The Price But Because I Want To HELP AS MANY People As Possible Leverage On This Life Changing Opportunity!

So, Here’s EXACTLY What I’m Going To Do For You:

..Original Price for this Course is 𝐍60,000 𝐍𝐚𝐢𝐫𝐚

But If You ENROLL Right NOW, I’m Going To Let You In At a MASSIVE 50% DISCOUNT..

That’s Right!

 You Can Get Access To This Life Changing Course For N30,000 Naira<< ONLY!!!

And That’s Not All… 



 I’m Also Going To Include 4 SPECIAL BONUSES Worth Over N1,000,000+ At Absolutely NO EXTRA CHARGE!


😍Bonus 1: Fire Jarvis Hacks And Tricks (Speed Up Your Writing X10) -- Value: N300k Naira🔥🚀

  • Discover My Exclusive Strategy to Gain Immediate Access to 50K Words of Jarvis Credit for a Minimal Investment. Say Goodbye to Paying Over N60K Naira; I’ll Reveal How to Obtain It for as Little as 3K to 5K Naira [You Can Never Find This information Anywhere ELSE]


  • Unlock My Proven Method to Generate 20K Worth of Content Using Only 10K Jarvis Credits.


  • Master My Unique, Tested, and Verified Writing Workflow (Recipes) to Accelerate Your Writing Process.


  • Learn How to Craft 50K Words in Just 3 Days with Jarvis Without Sacrificing Quality.

🤑Bonus 2: Upwork Monetization -- Value: N400K Naira🔥🚀

  • Effortlessly Approve Your Upwork Account in Under 5 Minutes.


  • Learn How to Set Up an Irresistible Upwork Profile That Attracts Clients Like a Magnet.


  • Discover How to Get Your First 5-Star Rating on Upwork and Watch Clients Pour Money Into Your Projects.


  • Implement My Proven Upwork Bidding Strategy to Secure High-Paying Jobs Consistently.


  • Discover How to Optimize Your Profile for Enhanced Search Engine Visibility and Maximum Sales.


  • Unlock the Secrets to Managing a Secure Upwork Foreign Account from Nigeria Without Risking a Ban.


  • Comprehensive Insight into the Upwork Algorithm.


  • Rapidly Boost Your Account’s Ranking in Less Than 2 Weeks.


  • Discover How to Purchase Professional Upwork Reviews Without Getting Banned.


  • Master the Art of Crafting Winning Proposals That Secure You Jobs Every Time.

🤑Bonus 3: Making Money with Kindle Direct Publishing -- Value N300k Naira🔥🚀

  • Learn How to Set Up Your Amazon Kindle Account for Profit.


  • Explore My Tried-and-Tested Hot Niches Guaranteed to Generate Ongoing Income Like Crazy.


  • Discover the Right Way to Conduct Keyword Research for Your Kindle Books.


  • Effortlessly Publish Your First Book in Less Than 24 Hours.


  • Learn How to WRITE Highly Converting Book Blurbs That Virtually Sell Themselves Every Single Time.


  • Master How to Design Professional Book Covers That Instantly Capture Readers’ Attention.


  • And Many MORE!!!


Gain Access to My Exclusive Private Community on WhatsApp, Where You’ll Connect with Like-Minded Individuals and Access Premium Resources That I Don’t Share Publicly

Wait..Before I Forget!

Did I Mention You’ll Also Receive My Personal Phone Number?😎


Feel Free to Reach Out to Me Whenever You Need Assistance!


As You Can Clearly See, This Offer Is Absolutely Exceptional!


🤣Many May Wonder If I’m Under Spiritual Attack for Offering Such Invaluable Information at Such an Unbelievable Price!😁


In Fact, I’m 100% Confident That You Will Be Thrilled with the Content.

So, At This Point: You’ve Got Only Just Two Choices:


❌ IGNORE EVERYTHING You’ve Read On This Page Today, Walk Away And Continue To WALLOW In Your Current Situation, Never Making Any Progress.. Or BIG INCOME As A Writer.


✅ Or… Take Advantage of This Rare Opportunity, INVEST IN YOURSELF And Finally Get A Chance To 10X Your Writing Productivity, Write Better And Faster Content, Make MORE MONEY From Your Writing..and Live The Writer’s Life You’ve Always Wanted.




 My “FAST ACTION BONUSES” Is Only Available For The FIRST 50 PERSONS Who PAY Right NOW!!!


Immediately I Got 50 People, The Bonuses Are GONE FOREVER!


So, If I Were You,  I Would Take Advantage of This RARE OPPORTUNITY And Get The Course RIGHT AWAY While The Bonuses Are STILL AVAILABLE.




You Can Wait, After the First 50 Persons and Invest The FULL PRICE of The Course (N30,000) And GET ZERO BONUSES.



It’s Your Choice to DECIDE..



>> Don’t Miss Out On This Once-In-A-Lifetime Opportunity!


You’re Backed By My IRON-CLAD, No Questions Asked, MONEY BACK GUARANTEE..

If After Taking This Course, You Feel The Information Is Not WORTH YOUR INVESTMENT, I Will Personally Apologize For Wasting Your Time And Even Double Your Money Back to YOU.

This  Is How Confident I’m In The QUALITY of This Course.


>> So You Have Nothing To Lose And EVERYTHING To GAIN!




For Non-Nigerians, Please use the Link Below to MAKE PAYMENTS:





Once Payment is Made, SEND me Your Name and Proof of Payment to: 

Be patient WHILE I Confirm Payments and Add YOU to the Private Support Group..


> Yes! You Can Use The Content To Monetize Your Blog With Adsense. Alot Of Misconceptions Have Been Spread About Google Adsense And Ai Assisted Writing.. But The Fact Is That If You Know How To Use It Properly, You Won’t Have Any Issues With Google Adsense.


Google Focused On Two Main Things When They Created Adsense: 1) The User Experience And 2) The Quality Of The Content.


As Long As You Make Sure Those Two Things Are In Place, You Shouldn’t Have Any Issues.

> Yes! This Course Can Help You Overcome Writers Block. The Content Is Specifically Designed To Help You UNBLOCK YOUR CREATIVITY And Write Better And Faster Content.

> Yes! You Can Use Jarvis To Write Product Descriptions, Sales Copy, Etc. In Fact, This Is One Of The Areas Where Ai Can Really Help You 10x Your Productivity.

Product Descriptions Are Usually Very Long And Detailed, And They Can Be Very Time-Consuming To Write. With Ai, You Can Easily Generate High-Quality Product Descriptions In A FRACTION OF THE TIME It Would Normally Take You.

> If You’re An Author On Amazon Kdp, This Tool Can Help You 10x Your Productivity And Write More Books In A Fraction Of The Time It Would Normally Take You.


Ai Can Help You With Everything From Generating Ideas For Your Books To Doing Research, To Writing The Actual Book Itself.

With Jarvis, You Can Easily WRITE 3 TO 4 BOOKS PER WEEK Or Even More If You Want to…Depending On The Number Of Words Per Book.

> No! Jarvis Ai Is A Subscription Based Tool. It Will Cost You At Least $50/Month To Subscribe To Get 50k Words Jarvis Credits.. However, If You Enroll Into The Course, I’ll Show You How To Get The Same 50k Words Credits Over And Over Again For Almost FREE!

On the Other Hand, CHATGPT is 100% “FREE”.


> Yes! You Can Use This Tool To Write Content For Your Clients. In Fact, This Is One Of The Main Ways I’ve Used Ai To BOOST My Productivity.


With Jarvis and CHATGPT, I Can Easily WRITE 5 TO 10 ARTICLES PER DAY ..Or Even More Depending On The Length of The Articles.

This Has Allowed Me To SCALE MY FREELANCE BUSINESS To A 6-Figure Per Year Business In A Very Short Period Of Time.

> As A Copywriter, Your Main Goal Is To Write Persuasive Copy That Sells. And Ai Can Definitely Help You With That.  You Can Use This Tool To Write Sales Letters, Emails, Etc. Proven To Convert And MAKE YOU MONEY.

> You Have Lifetime Access To The Course.

> No! It Doesn’t Matter Where You’re From. This Course Is For Anyone Who Wants To Learn How To Use Ai To Write Better And Faster Content… And Monetize The Skill.  So, Anyone Can Enroll Into The Course Irrespective of Their Location!

> You Can Make Payment With Your Debit/Credit Card. 

Click the Link Below to Pre-Order Directly on Selar Platform:


> No! This Course Is Designed For Both Beginners And Experienced Writers.


If You’re A Beginner, This Course Will HOLD YOU BY THE HAND And Teach You Step By Step On HOW TO WRITE Even If You Don’t Know Jack About Writing..Or Prior Writing Experience.

And If You’re An Experienced Writer, This Course Will Help You To 10x Your Productivity, Write Better And Faster Content WHILE Making YOU More Money!

A BIG NO! This Course Is Not A GET RICH QUICK SCHEME. If You Have Such Mentality, This Course Is Not For You. 


There’s A LEARNING CURVE To Everything In Life. The Same Goes For This Course. You Will Need To Put In The Time And Effort To Learn And Master The Skills Taught In This Course. 


..And Results Are NOT TYPICAL. It All Depends On How Bad You Want It And How Much Work You’re WILLING TO PUT IN.


If You Follow The Training And Take MASSIVE ACTION, You Will Definitely See Results. But There’s NO GUARANTEE That You Will Make $1,000 Right Away.

Scientifically, It Will Take You At Least 3 Month Or 90 Days To Master A Skill Provided You Sacrificed Just 3 To 5 Hour Per Day To Practice What You’ve Leant.


Ja’afar M. Balarabe is a “Young Digital Marketing Enthusiast”. He is the CEO of Ja’afars Hustle YouTube channel. He has been into Digital marketing for the past 5 years as a Freelance Ghostwriter, KDP Self-Publisher and YouTube Content Creator. He has earned Multiple Thousand of Dollars and Millions of Naira Online..and has helped many YOUNG people across and beyond Nigeria to become Internet Millionaires Today.

Ja’afar love helping people to start and grow their businesses online. He is a strong advocate of “multiple streams of income” and he believes that anyone can MAKE MONEY ONLINE if they are willing to put in the work and he hopes to inspire as many people as possible to follow their passions and achieve greatness.

Connect with me here:

  • INSTAGRAM: @Jaafar_hustles

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